The Science Behind Swish4

Science Behind Swish4-Oral Energy Rinse

The Science Behind Swish4

Science-Driven Energy Rinse

Swish4 is a science-driven energy rinse designed to freshen breath, enhance alertness, cool the mouth and maintain endurance. Swish4 contains 72mg of caffeine and rinsing with Swish4 leads to caffeine absorption through the buccal mucosa. These membranes form the lining of the cheeks and lips.

Swish4 contains a mixture of peppermint and spearmint essential oils which helps rid many foul odors in the oral cavity.  

Unfortunately, mouthwashes currently on the market designed to kill bacteria and freshen breath contain alcohol. Alcohol is known to dissolve the mucus layer in the oral cavity creating a drying effect in the mouth. A dry mouth leaves the teeth and oral cavity vulnerable and increases sensitivity. Additionally, if proper oral hygiene is not maintained, mouth rinses only mask the bad smell. Swish4’s formulation is alcohol-free, avoiding all these negative side effects. The essential oils in Swish4 also aid in soothing and helping to prevent dryness in the oral cavity. 

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Contains Vitamins

Vitamin inclusion helps maintain mental endurance when fatigued or stressed. For example, Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is used to help prevent damage to the body’s cells. 

72mg of Caffeine

Caffeine delivery through buccal and sublingual routes is safe, fast, and effective. This low dose of caffeine enhances focus on both simple and complex tasks. This happens by being rapidly absorbed through the membranes of the mouth.


Swish4 contains xylitol, which is a low calorie, very low glycemic index sweetener. Xylitol is known to help manage diabetes, weight, and tooth decay. Scientific research has shown that Xylitol is capable of selectively inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. All while not affecting the healthy flora in the oral cavity. Xylitol helps eliminate bad breath by decreasing bacterial growth in the mouth as well.  

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Energy Rinse

Usually, to obtain the benefits of both fresh breath and increased mental focus, separate products need to be purchased. Each product then performs one of these functions at a time. However, with Swish4, the most beneficial aspects of caffeine, the ability to freshen breath, all without drying out the oral cavity, in one product. All ingredients are GRAS by the FDA.

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