Innovative Mouth Rinse

Swish4® is a science-driven oral rinse designed to freshen breath, cool the mouth, enhance alertness and also maintain endurance in less than 4 minutes. Swish4® is for those who are on the go and want to banish bad breath!

energy mouth rinse


Our innovative product is designed for those who want fresh breath, but also want to feel more alert. Rinsing your mouth with Swish4® leads to absorption through the buccal mucosa, which are the membranes that form the lining of the cheeks and lips. The pocket-sized bottle is convenient and makes it easy to carry and use whenever needed. You may want to use Swish4® after a flight, after a meal, before an important meeting, or in the morning to start off your day with fresh breath.

Swish4ENERGY for Bad Breath

Swish4Energy is great for eliminating bad breath and is the perfect substitute to chewing gum or using a traditional mouth wash.

Stay fresh with Swish4

Swish4® for Hospitality

 Benefits include:

  • A bottle of Swish4Energy kept in hotel rooms will be beneficial to hotel customers for their oral health care.
  • A quick swish of Swish4® after dinner or a night out is an easy solution to the urge to sleep without brushing your teeth.
  • Swish4Energy reduces bad breath causing bacteria which increase in the mouth after consumption of snacks and food.
  • Swish4Energy will improve tourist’s hotel stay experience and thus lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Travel with Swish4

Swish4® for Air Travel

People experience bad breath on and after long flights. Many have the urge to brush their teeth and may feel sluggish. Swish4Energy will greatly benefit people who are traveling to meet an important client or attend a meeting soon after the flight lands.

Swish4Energy provides many benefits to air travelers:

  • Improves passengers’ flight experience.
  • Eliminates bad breath from increased hours of minimal talking and sleeping; especially during longer duration flights.
  • The increased freshness post flight from a quick swish of Swish4Energy may contribute towards airline’s reputation for great customer service.
  • May increase revenue due to higher passenger satisfaction, thus leading to passenegers recommending the airline to friends and family.

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