Refresh & Revive with Swish4

Refresh & Revive with Swish4

Swish4-Energy Oral Rinse-Science

First-of-its kind Energy Rinse designed to heighten your alertness and promote oral health

What is Swish4?

Swish4 is a science-driven energy rinse designed to freshen breath, cool the mouth, enhance alertness and also maintain endurance in less than 4 minutes. Swish4 is for those who are on the go and want to banish bad breath!

Swish4 6 pack-energy oral rinse

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Why choose swish4?

swish4 instant energy-energy rinse

Instant Energy

Swish4 is a science-driven energy oral rinse that gives you a gentle, quick energy boost in less than 4 minutes

swish4 travel size friendly-enegy rinse

Travel-Friendly Size

Take our 0.5 oz bottle on the plane, toss it in your bag, or even carry it in a pocket

swish4 enhance alertness-energy rinse

Enhances Alertness

Low dose of caffeine helps improve performance on simple and complex tasks

swish4 freshens and cools mouth-energy rinse

Freshens and Cools Mouth

This energy rinse refreshes and revives your mouth, leaving you invigorated, and is the perfect substitute for chewing gum or using a traditional mouthwash with alcohol

swish4 maintain endurance-energy rinse

Maintains Endurance

Includes vitamins to support endurance when feeling fatigued or stressed

swish4 safe ingredients-energy rinse

Safe Ingredients

Swish4 has a simple, 12-ingredient formula that contains water, essential oils, Xylitol, Monk Fruit Extract and Vitamin E. All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA 

swish4 business professionals-energy oral rinse
swish4 college students-energy oral rinse

How to use Swish4?

how to swish4-innovative energy oral rinse
how to swish-innovative energy oral rinse
how to swish-innovative energy oral rinse

CAUTION: Body response to Swish4 may vary from person to person. Use Swish4 energy rinse no more than three times a day, as recommended. Please limit caffeine intake to permissible levels to avoid difficulty with sleeping, anxiety, and increased heart rate. Do not take Swish4 if you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of fourteen, or are allergic to any of the ingredients (including caffeine). Do not take Swish4 if you have any medical condition that might come into conflict with this product


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