4 Ways to Improve Your Work Space


4 Ways to Improve Your Work Space

Most of the population spends about 40 hours a week at their office working 5 days a week. Over 2 years that’s a total of about 1,048 hours of your life spent at your desk! So why not make an effort to make our work spaces a happy place!

It doesn’t matter if you have a cubicle or an entire office, the more personal your space is the happier you will be.  We put together a list of ideas and things to incorporate into your workspace to help make it cozy and fun!

  1. Flowers or a plant! Brighten up your desk with a colorful bouquet (doesn’t have to be real) or get yourself a simple indoor plant to take care of each day.
  2. A quote board! Find a stylish white board that you can write a new quote on each day, or buy yourself a quote block with cards that are interchangeable. This will give you and your co-workers daily motivation!
  3. Photos! Print off photos from holidays, or your most recent vacation to look at and remind you of all the people who make you smile.
  4. A fun screen saver! Start you day off right when you turn on your computer with a fun themed desktop background. It can be seasonal, modern, artsy, whatever appeals to you and your personality.

There are so many things you can do, get creative, think outside the box, or simply search additional ideas! Using even one of the above is sure to make your office a little more cozy and comfortable.

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